With a focus on maximizing the quality of life for every child in our care, we are privileged to offer a wide range of pediatric services to families throughout Michigan.


When it’s your child–when it seems like the world has stopped–we’re here.

Anchors Programs for Children exists for one reason: to support children and families facing a potentially life-limiting illness. Whether offering a child the comfort of a pediatric nurse, supporting a family’s unique needs, or extending emotional support to loved ones, we never stop finding ways to care. 

Following a not-for-profit mission to serve all no matter what, we’re more than a symbol of support. We’re an anchor when it’s needed most. 

Our Hospice Physicians

James B. Fahner, MD, FAAP
Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital
Founder, James. B. Fahner Pediatric Hospice Program
Bradd Hemker, MD
Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital
Patricia Keefer, MD, FAAHPM, FAAP
C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital

Our Team

Elizabeth Rocha, RN, BSN, CHPPN – Associate Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer
Chantal Curell, RN, BSN, CPN, CHPPN – Statewide Operations Manager, Pediatrics
Erica Baumann, RN – Pediatric Nurse, West
Allison Postma, RN – Pediatric Nurse, West
Sarah Reynolds, RN, BSN – Pediatric Nurse, West
Sheila Schindler, LMSW – Social Worker, West
Rebecca Urbanski, LLMSW – Social Worker, West
Mark Bennink, MDiv – Spiritual Care West
Tara Derby, LMSW – Social Worker, Southeast; Asst Operations Mgr, Compass, Asst Mgr, Perinatal Hospice
Charlotte Brennan, RN – Pediatric Nurse, Southeast
Veronica Cowan – Pediatric Nurse Southeast
Maureen Hubbell, MSN, RN – Pediatric Nurse, Southeast
Cierra Aguirre, LLMSW – Social Worker, Southeast
Nicole Johanson, LMSW – Social Worker, Southeast
John Warnshuis, MDiv – Spiritual Care Advisor, Southeast


NorthStar Care Community is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion through a culture of kindness, respect and learning. We discover what is possible when we come together allowing our diversity to make us stronger and ensuring all employees, volunteers, patients and families feel valued and supported.