Compass Support Services

For children who face a potentially life-limiting illness, we offer Compass Support Services. This program gives families a wide range of support services to help with life’s day-to-day challenges. 

Here to Guide the Way.

Compass Support Services provides experienced pediatric social workers to provide emotional, social and decision-making support for the child, parents and siblings, connecting them with specialized community resources to assist with financial, emotional, social, legal and other needs. Compass is a way for families of children with complex, chronic illnesses to access community programs to make their lives less stressful. It is funded entirely through private donations.

Childhood Illness Isn’t Flexible, So We Are.

Life-threatening conditions put a tremendous strain on families, so our approach is highly flexible. Whether in your home, at the hospital, or a doctor’s appointment, Compass provides the support families need, when and where it’s needed. We also connect you with the community resources you may need, including financial, emotional, and even legal services.

Caring For All.

We’re on a mission to care for all, no matter what. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Compass is available at no cost for any child with a potentially life-limiting illness and has an immediate need for social work assistance—from birth to young adulthood.

Getting Started.

Compass does not require physician or insurance authorization. Your child can be referred by a doctor, nurse, social worker, teacher, family member, or simply call us and refer your child yourself.

To learn more, or see if your child is eligible, call 888-247-5704.