Perinatal Program

Here to Help You Cope.

The Anchors Perinatal Program provides emotional, social and clinical support to expectant parents as they anticipate and prepare for the birth of their child while also grieving the anticipated loss of the child during pregnancy, birth, or shortly after. The program also assists parents with birth planning during this most difficult time.

A Range of Perinatal Services.
An Anchor of Support.

We understand how much you’re going through. Which is why we’re available before, during, and after your child is born. Anywhere they are needed, from home to the hospital, discover a range of services that provide an anchor of support to your family:

  • Birth planning
  • Social and emotional support
  • Palliative/comfort care education
  • Grief and loss support
  • Access to community support programs 
  • Memory-making activities
  • Close collaboration with service providers, employers, and medical staff to ensure your needs are being met
  • Support for children in the family through therapeutic interventions 

Always supporting families.
Never leaving your side

Anchors Perinatal Program does not require a physician or insurance authorization. You can be referred by physicians, nurses, social workers, family members or simply by contacting us yourself.


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