A brief history of Anchors Programs for Children.

Our Team

James B. Fahner, MD
Founder, Pediatric Medical Director, James B. Fahner MD Pediatric Hospice Program

Kenneth Pituch, MD
Pediatric Medical Director

Patricia Keefer, MD
Pediatric Medical Director, Southeast

Elizabeth Rocha, RN, BSN, CHPPNDirector, Pediatrics
Chantal Curell, RN, BSN, CPN, CHPPN – Assistant Manager, West
Sarah Butters, RN, BSNPediatric Nurse, West
Deborah Martin-Gill, LMSW – Social Worker, West
Sheila Schindler, LMSW – Social Worker, West
Rebecca Urbanski, LLMSWSocial Worker, West
Cheryl Lamport, D.Min, MA, BCCSpiritual Care Advisor, West
Patrice Gage, NPPediatric Nurse Practitioner, Southeast
Teresa Alexander, RN, CHPPN
Operations Manager, Southeast

Ashley Blaser, RNPediatric Nurse, Southeast
Nicolette Kowal, RNPediatric Nurse, Southeast
Tara Derby, LMSWSocial Worker, Southeast; Asst Operations Mgr, Compass
Cierra Aguirre, LLMSWSocial Worker. Southeast
Elizabeth Estrada, LLMSWSocial Worker, Southeast

Aimee Monticello, LMSWSocial Worker, Southeast

Pediatric Bereavement Services

Focused on each family’s individual needs, our pediatric hospice team offers bereavement services at no charge to patients who have been served by any of our pediatric programs. We can also speak to schools, places of worship and community organizations supporting children and families experiencing loss or interested in learning more about pediatric hospice services.

Further Reading and Resources

We have a series of brochures focused on helping children and young adults who are experiencing the loss of a loved one. Please contact us at 888-247-5704 for ordering information. Additional resources may be found online, such as this article from Still Standing, a website for parents who have suffered the loss of a child.

Click here for additional resources.

Patient and Family Rights and Responsibilities

Hospices are required to provide information regarding the rights and responsibilities of patients/families and the hospice that is caring for the patient.

Click here to download a PDF version.

Get In Touch

To learn more, or see if your child is eligible, call 888-247-5704.